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17:00 11.12.2016

Shiryaev Oleg about "Ukrainian Order"

Dear colleagues!
Today's event we held under the slogan "Ukrainian Order".
Why Ukrainian order?
Because everything that surrounds us - chaos, destruction, decomposition of society - this all is everything what you want, just not order.
Against the background of the society moral impoverishment, the uniform national strategy lack - Azov movement - is the force that takes a part in forming of modern civil society
Till this moment we have created:
1. The best volunteer military forces. Our military forces are involved in the ATO - they defended Mariupol - most important region in the South-East of Ukraine
2. Once we realized that society is inert and hesitant - we have created a social movement - a Civilian Corps "Azov".
Our NGO was the first one that has been able to organize without any government assistance:
- Create a program of military-patriotic education for youth, successfully used by schools, vocational schools and universities in the region;
- Open four gyms in Kharkiv and region;
- Establish a permanent assistance to orphanages;
- Formed territorial defense units in the region;
- Organized a free camp for children
- We are actively combating social plagues - the destruction of drugs-points, illegal alcohol and gambling business
Our activities are systematic, clear and open.
Further, our struggle will continue at the political level - in the ranks of the party "National Corpus."
I urge you all to an active life and citizenship.
Let’s build Ukraine together!
Future belongs to us!